How to get in touch with Amazon

Posted by Cristina Cairone Sep 12, 2017 12:00:00 AM
Cristina Cairone

In the recent past we posted a series of articles about Amazon. With our software eDock, indeed, we give the possibility to our users to sell on this marketplace (if you have not done it yet, I suggest you to try the demo version of eDock). Sometimes, we have to give support to our clients even if - in some specific contexts - it could be more appropriate (and sometimes essential) that our client itself calls and gets in touch with Amazon.

It is obvious that, like every big business, Amazon “classifies” its clients. But in any case, even if you are part of that segment where there are millions of other people, Amazon always shows availability and make also available a number that you can call. There are also a Twitter account and an online form through which you can advise Amazon the need to be heard back.

How to contact Amazon

The number that you can do to call Amazon is free (it’s a toll free number 800 145 851) and it represents a generic number to give support to generic problems but also to technical problems, accounting or sales problems.

To allow to the telephone operator to help you in few time, I suggest you to keep your login credentials at your fingertips. If you ask for information about the managing of an order, it is necessary to have the related number and the address of delivery. If you are a seller and you sell on Amazon regularly, you can call Amazon directly from your SellerCentral. Click at the top right of the page the section “Help” and follow the step-by-step assistance.  

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