How to publish your product on Wish with eDock

Posted by Cristina Cairone Apr 5, 2018 11:15:00 AM
Cristina Cairone

Wish works similary to eBay: each product has its own listing or product sheet. 

With eDock you can, setting some rules, create these product sheets. Then, you can modify them and they will be constantly updated in price and quantity.

To send your products, follow these steps: 


Markets > Wish > Publishing rules


To create a new publishing rule, click on "+" new rule



  • Rule name: assign a name to the rule
  • User: Select you user previously linked to eDock 
  • Check "enable" if you want to enable the rule




  • Descriptions' culture
  • Shipping time (min-max): select a range of shipping days. This period cannot be under 5 days and the minimum in 2. You can select 2 -7, but neither 1 - 6 nor 2 - 5 




You can define a list of articles, all of them are optional. To add them, you have to create first an attribute set and map it inside the product. (see the support page dedicated to attributes) 

The only attribute that, in theory, could be compulsory is the attribute "tags". If this attribute is not present, eDock will send automatically 5 tags taken from the description of the single product. 




These are the attributes that you can use to make variations. The variation allowed are Size, Colour, or Size and Colour. Online you find the values accepted by wish(click HERE for sizes HERE for colours)


Once you filled in the fields, choose from you product tree at the left the folder you need and click on "save". 


Then apply the rule to send products to Wish


Select the rule you want to apply



Click on "apply rule"

See the processing inside the activity log

After that, at thhe heading "Diagnostics" you can see if the products are correctly sent to Wish


Click on "view" to see in detail:


Eventually, the errors will be displayed with a red point. 


To MODIFY the product sheets on wish: once you made your update on the products or rules, repeat the procedure to apply the rules.


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