Manage shipping and orders for wish with eDock

Posted by Cristina Cairone Apr 5, 2018 11:05:00 AM
Cristina Cairone


Wish requires that the name of the shipping carriers is among the carrier supported (this because they verify when the delivery is fulfilled in order to pay back the seller)

The carrier you can use are these ones:

To avoid errors during shipping management, you can set a predefined carrier to use if the carrier in the order is not among the carrier specified. This settings can be made by updating the wish user on eDock, once it il linked ( 

 You can define three types of shipping:

  • only USA
  • worldwide
  • one ore more Country selected by the seller

According to the choice made, there are two models for prices:

  • fixed price for every product, or
  • price defined for each product

eDock will set a shipping price of 0$ for every product (this must be updated directly on wish). You should also work on the wish dashbord to exclude the country you allow shipping. 



Every order received on eDock should be considered as payed and ready to be shipped. In the order details you will never see the email address of the user. To communicate with the final user, use Wish backoffice


To manage orders from eDock, go to section orders (see the knowledge base about orders:  (

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